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What We Do

We provide a full service operation. We can provide fast and efficient Estimating, Detailing, Fabrication, Delivery and even Installation for all your Reinforcing Steel requirements.

It is not uncommon to bring in a set of plans into our office and see it estimated, detailed, fabricated and delivered all in the same day, some times, within hours. Or have one of our competent estimators visit your office for an in-house estimate.

Large contractors as well as smaller customers look to us for fast efficient service. We deliver anywhere in the Ontario region with a strong presence in the Toronto and Hamilton market place. These areas will see our trucks and personnel on a daily basis.

We are just a simple phone call away. We will process your order immediately and prepare it for timely delivery. If you wish, you may come and pick up your material at our plant north of Toronto. We are always happy to see our customers and get to know them on a first name basis.


Estimating Fabrication
Detailing Placing
Supply Welded Wire Mesh

The obvious choice is Canada-Wide.

P.O. Box 636, 19 Cardico Dr. Gormley, Ontario, L0H 1G0 905.888.1777 or 416.291.4507
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