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Order Desk and Price Requests

For immediate action on your order we suggest you call our office at 905.888.1777 or 416.291.4507.

Speak to Cynthia about your needs. She will forward you to the appropriate office for a quick response to your order!

You may also contact anyone via the Contacts Page if you prefer to send an email regarding your order:
  • Myles Smith handles all price quotes of a sundry nature. He can give you on the spot pricing for your list of materials. He can also help to look at your drawings and review your rebar needs for pricing and detailing if necessary.

  • For small, large and complex projects you should contact Gord Smith our Senior Project Coordinator/Estimator. He and his team of detailers and estimators will take your drawings and give you an accurate quote based on our estimate and then follow through with detailed drawings and bar lists for your approval before timely fabrication and delivery.

  • Condominiums and normally priced by Lennie Jr. He will give you a competitive price by the tonne based on your drawings and project description based on the current market conditions which can change on a daily basis.

  • Please bring or email us your drawings for fast and accurate estimates! We accept PDF and CAD drawings.

Thank You for choosing Canada-Wide for your rebar needs!

P.O. Box 636, 19 Cardico Dr. Gormley, Ontario, L0H 1G0 905.888.1777 or 416.291.4507
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